The ESOP Association's 40th Annual Conference

Join Chartwell for The ESOP Association's 40th Annual Conference, May 11-12, in Washington, D.C.! We have three experts speaking on current ESOP topics. 

See the full conference schedule here.

Ted Margarit, Principal
ESOP Transaction Financing Issues and Market Update
Friday, May 12, 9:00am - 10:00am

This session will feature a discussion and review of the common tools used to finance an ESOP transaction, including senior debt, outside subordinated debt, and seller financing. This panel, comprised of experienced advisors from the valuation, legal, and finance advisory committees, will cover the structure and market terms of ESOP financing options, including the structural issues and fiduciary implications of seller financing. Our panelists will also give a  current market update for the availability, cost, and terms of senior and outside subordinated debt financing.

Will Bloom, Managing Director
Ideal ESOP Structures for Making Acquisitions and Raising Capital
Friday, May 12, 10:45am - 11:45am

Does your ESOP company's strategic plan call for acquisitions or other significant investments that may require outside capital? Our experts will discuss how ESOP owned companies can reorganize their capital structure to more effectively allow for outside capital and use existing equity as acquisition currency while still preserving the tax-efficient ESOP structure. 

Steve Nelson, Managing Director
Valuation Issues for Mature ESOP Companies
Friday, May 12, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

As ESOP companies mature, a host of issues can affect the company and its valuation, including ESOP policy decisions, repurchase obligation, management succession, reduced leverage, and share allocations. In this session, valuation professionals will review how the maturation of an ESOP owned company can influence business valuation, as well as how to avoid unintended consequences.