Chartwell Professionals to Speak at The ESOP Association's Midwest Conference

Four Chartwell professionals are scheduled to speak at The ESOP Association's Midwest Conference on September 10-11 in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

Chartwell is a proud sponsor of this event!

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Chartwell Featured Speakers

Tim Lang, Senior Associate
Watkins Aircraft Support Products (WASP) ESOP - The 18 Year Journey Continues...
Co-presented with Jeanne Kramer, WASP, and Kevin Weise, Bremer Trust.
This session will review WASP's 18 year ESOP journey and the recent acquisition which builds manufacturing capacity and brings industry diversification and creates greater wealth for ESOP participants.

Wil BeckerManaging Director
ESOP Acquirers: Competitive Advantages and Challenges
Co-presented with Clyde Rhodes, Mac Arthur Co., and Jude Anne Carluccio, Krieg DeVault LLP.
Mac Arthur Co. has been an ESOP-owned company since 1974. Join Clyde Rhodes, Mac Arthur’s CEO, Wil Becker, Financial Advisor, and Jude Anne Carluccio, Corporate Attorney, as they discuss how MacArthur Co. uses its ESOP structure as a competitive advantage in acquisitions as well as describe the challenges associated with the ESOP structure. The session will outline a transaction case study where MacArthur acquired Weekes Forest Products (a non-ESOP company) in 2014.

Matt KeeneManaging Director 
Current Trends in Compensation
Co-presented with Neil Brozen, Bankers Trust Company of South Dakota, and Melissa Lunak, Dakota Supply Group.
Compensation is a hot topic for ESOP companies as the job market picks up steam. Join us for an overview of governance considerations, current trends and best practices for compensation systems, including the perspective of an ESOP company, ESOP Trustee, and compensation consultant.

Ryan GrahamSenior Associate
ESOP Sustainability, Repurchase Obligation, & Target Benefit Levels
Co-presented with Terry McGonegle, Wright Service Corp., and Scot Storjohann, Bankers Trust Company of South Dakota.
Did we hit all the buzzwords? While an incredibly tax efficient form of ownership, ESOPs are undoubtedly complex and require a lot of planning and analysis to implement and flourish. The lack of planning and foresight is often what leads to a benefit level or repurchase obligation that can no longer be managed and the management team struggles for solutions. Come hear from Terry, Ryan, and Scot who will talk you through some of the potential issues and help you avoid the landmines.


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