Chartwell Pro Day 2018

Students and the Chartwell team met in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday, August 16th to explore what it’s like to start a career in finance at Chartwell.  The students attending Pro Day hailed from two local universities: the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas.  The Chartwell Pro Day team was comprised of ten professionals with tenures ranging from 1.5 to 13 years of service with the company.

Pro Day started out with a warm welcome and a firm overview given by Rich Chapman, leader of Chartwell’s risk mitigation practice.  Then HR Director Diane Riley dove into the real reasons people like to work at Chartwell: our healthy culture and the joys of working in a smaller company.  “Chartwell seeks out individuals who have a high degree of intellectual curiosity and a passion for being part of a professional team that is dedicated to delivering quality solutions to our clients’ complex financial challenges.  We also look for candidates who enjoy a fun and highly supportive culture,” said Riley.  Some of our newer team members - Josh, Stephanie, Brandon, and Matt - jumped in to describe the early years of their finance careers and their own experiences at Chartwell.

The group then dug into the deep learning portion of the program.  Rachel Flaskey, Vice President, presented introductory concepts to business valuation and Joe Skorczewski, Principal, introduced employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) which make employees shareholders of their own companies.  Flaskey later commented, “I was very impressed with the insightful questions asked by the students.  It’s great to see them giving so much consideration and thought to their future careers.”

Pro Day concluded with a round table lunch where the students sat in small groups with Chartwell professionals.  Topics of conversation ranged from how careers began at Chartwell to how to calculate a weighted average cost of capital.  Chartwell Senior Analyst Jeff Anderson reflected, “I enjoyed hearing about what led each student to Chartwell’s Pro Day and learning how they could be a valuable asset to our firm. I especially liked our discussion about the benefits of Chartwell’s diverse service offering and how it sets us apart from other firms in town.”

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