The ESOP Association's 2017 Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show

Join Chartwell for The ESOP Association's 2017 Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show, November 9-10!  Listen to our experts speak on current ESOP topics and visit our booth!

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Chartwell Speakers:

Steve Nelson, Managing Director

Strategic Alternatives for Partially ESOP-Owned Companies
Thursday, November 9: 1:15pm - 2:30pm
Grow, stay, or fold the ESOP? Companies with partial ESOP ownership periodically evaluate the optimal level of ESOP ownership, appropriate retirement benefit levels, repurchase obligations, acquisitions, ownership succession plans, and corporate finance alternatives in determining whether to maintain or increase/decrease ESOP ownership over time. Learn about various ways to analyze which potential solutions might be appropriate for different situations. 

Ted Margarit, Principal

Outside Equity in S-Corp ESOP Companies
Thursday, November 9: 2:50pm - 3:40pm
We all understand the tax advantages of 100% ESOP ownership of an S Corporation. But how can an S-ESOP seek outside equity capital? We'll consider everything from joint venture partners to publicly traded equity in an S-ESOP context. 

Ryan Graham, Vice President

Creating a Sustainable ESOP
Friday, November 10: 9:00am - 10:15am
How can a company foster an environment and establish policies that enable long-term, sustained employee ownership? Join a panel of experienced practitioners from The ESOP Association’s Advisory Committee for a brief presentation followed by an open forum in which various ESOP sustainability elements will be discussed, including governance, finance (including repurchase obligation), managerial commitment, and culture. 


Additional Attendees:

Will Bloom
Managing Director

Wil Becker
Managing Director

Rich Chapman
Managing Director

Tim Cleary
Managing Director

Greg Fresh
Managing Director

Michael Grad
Managing Director

Paul Halverson
Managing Director

Richard Joseph
Managing Director

Matt Schubring
Managing Director

Chris Staloch
Managing Director

Joe Skorczewski

Nick Braun
Vice President

Tim Knust-Graichen
Senior Associate

Lindsey Reilly
Client Service Associate