Ashleigh Newlin

Ashleigh Newlin
Vice President

Ashleigh consults with ESOP companies, focusing on executive compensation and ESOP repurchase obligations and sustainability analysis. She brings significant experience in financial modeling and developing commercially available software for repurchase obligation analysis. Clients appreciate Ashleigh’s adept approach to navigating complex financial decisions and transactions. She has developed a strength for nimbly managing the many stakeholders, expectations, and tasks involved in executing complex projects. Ashleigh has a deep understanding of repurchase liability forecasting and has helped hundreds of companies across the country.



Ashleigh is an active member of The ESOP Association, where he currently serves on the Administration Advisory Committee, the programming committee for the Pennsylvania/Delaware chapter, and the planning committee for the ESOP Emerging Leaders group.


Ashleigh speaks regularly at national and regional conferences on topics related to repurchase obligation planning.



Prior to joining Chartwell, Ashleigh was a Director and Software Practice Manager for ESOP Economics.


Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with high honors, in operations research and financial engineering from Princeton University.